Monday, March 17, 2008

Football or Shopping ?

OK, so the mighty Wednesday are not doing too well, languishing in third from bottom spot to be exact but imagine my total shock when on Saturday I was asked by a man sounding like Jasper Carrot - 'Football or Shopping?'.

To set the scene, I was at the barrier gates to a large out of town shopping mall on the outskirts of Coventry, famed largely because it offered the perfect football parking solution being situated directly next door to the Ricoh Staduim.

I answered 'Shopping', in a half muted don't tell the rest of the world voice - we sailed through. But that was not the end of it - in fact far from it really. I had to then take down my Wednesday car stickers in fear of being spotted by the shopping police - oh the indignation.

I then endured 90 minutes of what could only be described as tripe, a 0-0 draw and to be honest the team would have been better choosing 'shopping'.

The final straw came when on exiting the by now famous shopping car park, the same yellow coated 'official' demanded to see my shopping ! Now here is the nirvana, at this point insert long suffering football girlfriend to produce said 'shopping' - not much they can say really - especially when as a parting gesture the Sheffield Wednesday flag, now re-erect in the back window, spoke a thousand words !

Choose shopping - live Football !

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