Saturday, April 05, 2008

Birthday Osprey !

With my birthday being in early April on several occasions in past years I have been lucky enough to see a passage Osprey on this date. Today it was always on the cards with good numbers beginning to pass through the UK.

I spent several hours at Broom GP from 6am this morning with the highlight being 4 Pintail, a Kingfisher and my first Swallows and Yellow Wagtails of the year. At around at 9am I left and spent an hour at Willington - seeing my first Little-Ringed Plovers and Willow Warbler of the year. Being a Broom compulsive, I returned at 1020hrs and had just pulled up and was talking to Martin Stevens through the car window when Martin said "whats that" - looking over my shoulder and over the lake, all the gulls were up in the air and I just knew the large bird hanging above them was an OSPREY ! Martin shouted OSPREY and we both then watched it for the next 3-4 minutes as it hovered over the main lake being constantly escorted by just about every bird on the lake ! It slowly drifted NW quite low down.
Here comes the funny bit - only yesterday I took my battery out of my 40D Cannon camera so that Jenny could take it to Jessops to buy me an additional one - yep I hadn't replaced it ! So the only pic is somewhat a record shot through the scope with the coolpix. On the other hand, sods law says that if I had the battery then I would not have seen the Osprey ! I will take the Osprey thank you !!

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