Sunday, July 27, 2008

On base at Lakenheath

On July 22nd I had one of my best days of the year, an invite from the US airforce to attend at Lakenheath base with a film crew to film a pair of Stone Curlews which have chosen to nest within 30ft of the main runway used daily by scores of US fighter jets. The day was a real success with open access to obtain images and footage of jets taking off and landing within a stones throw of the seemingly oblivious Curlews. I was also invited to help ring the two Stone Curlew chicks alongside RSPB Stone Curlew officer Tim Cowen. We also managed to drop on a landing of 4 F16 Fighting Falcons fresh in from Germany. The sheer adrenalin rush of taking images of F15 jets at very close range as they blast off with full afterburners is a privilege to experience - thanks guys ! Stone Curlew chicks courtesy USAF.

In the evening saw Wednesday beat MK Dons 4-1 in a pre-season friendly.

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