Monday, October 20, 2008

Amur horror

Mongolia 2004

Mongolia 2004

Whilst in Mongolia in 2004 I saw several Amur Falcons including visiting a colony of breeding birds nesting in the remains of a rookery in eastern Mongolia.

When a 1st summer male Red-footed Falcon turned up at Tophill Low in East Yorkshire in late September this year I sent a text to local birder Garry Taylor saying 'check it hasnt got white underwings'. Garry did go and see the bird but due to its state of moult the underwing could not be assessed fully. Over the next month I went close to Tophill Low several times on my way to Buckton but never called in due to the fact the bird was still being reported as a Red-footed Falcon. Case over....... well until recent pictures of the bird show that it now has white underwings and guess what... its gone !

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