Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ready for action !

After nearly three months of hard work the Buckton scrape is finished and the viewing screen constructed and operational. The view from the screen, which is positioned about 50 metres up Hoddy Cows Lane is brilliant, looking down on the scrape from an elevated position. The water levels are looking good especially considering just how dry the surrounding farmland is, the levels being fed by the underground spring. The scrape was buzzing with birdlife last weekend from gadwall to yellow wagtails, this is going to make a real difference. Not only providing habitat for passage species but also the breeding migrants and resident farmland birds such as Tree Sparrow and Corn Buntings. A big thank you to all involved including Sue Ogilvy at Natural England, Richard Baines at Wold Ecology, Chris and Jack for expertly carrying out the work and not least the Leeson family for allowing it to go ahead on their farm. Don't forget to click on the images for detail.

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