Sunday, November 14, 2010

Party on !

Last night I had another attempt at catching the Broom GP Bearded Tits and just before dusk the flock entered the reedbed containing my net, after a little bit of chivvying with the help of Martin Stevens we had nine of them in the net (three more were calling nearby), very fitting as Martin had found them in the first place. It was too dark to ring them so they were safely roosted overnight and then ringed and retuned to the reedbed first thing this morning. The nine comprised four males and five females and interestingly we did not retrap the male from last weekend. Great to catch this flock and I really hope we get a recovery. The day was rounded off brilliantly with a fly over Lapland Bunting at Fullers Hill, Gamlingay at 1035hrs, the bird was directly overhead and very vocal. I have always thought the big open fields at this site would get a Lap but I had to wait 13 years for it!

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The Bald Birder said...

Hi there Mark. Those Bearded Tits look great. Nice to see you got a Lapland Bunt at Fullers Hill Farm - for your Yorkshire Laps I wonder if a network of single panel nets would do the trick. Might need some baiting beforehand - but it would be really good to get a recovery of one this winter, to see where they really have come from. Did you find the Waxwings today? Regards, Ross