Tuesday, May 21, 2013

True blue, baby I love you !

It took a while, well my entire Buckton life ! I remember Steve Rooke telling me when he was the Bempton warden in the late 70's that he had a fall of  multiple Red-backed Shrikes and Bluethroats at Bempton and Buckton on one amazing May day. Despite making a special effort to be at Buckton on almost all mid May easterly days with rain since 2001 it hasn't happened, well in fact it hasn't happened nationally either. So despite it being on the cards this weekend after lashing rain all day on Friday I didn't really think it would happen. So imagine my delight when the first bird I saw at around 11am on Saturday just after the rain had stopped was a Bluethroat, skulking around a nettle patch on the edge of the scrape. Wowzers !, that's the ultimate, amazing how 12grams of feathers can make you feel! Now, onwards for Golden Oriole!


Broom Birder said...

Nice work mate, I'd be even more surprised if it turned up at Broom!

Nick Carter said...

Great work Mark, thanks for sharing it