Sunday, November 07, 2010

Broom Reedling !

After seven hours I finally managed to catch a Bearded Tit at Broom GP with a little help from Steve Blain. These superb birds were found by Martin Stevens last weekend when at least nine individuals were present. I have learnt a lot about Bearded Tits in the last two days, mainly that they certainly take some catching despite being very confiding. . These birds are part of a large dispersive arrival in the region with birds at several other Bedfordshire locations. I will try to catch further birds over the next few weeks in the hope that one may already be ringed, giving us a clue to their origin. I suspect this male may be the first ever to be ringed in Bedfordshire. One thing for sure, they are very smart and charismatic little birds.


Alan Whitehead said...

Superb Photos Mark!

Unknown said...

Had 2 of 6 in the net at PCP - as I was putting it up! - in 1989; one of them had a ring on ....... both the buggers got out.