Sunday, July 31, 2011

heligoland update

If clicked, the top image here gives the best feel of the positioning of the trap, migrants arrive from the cliff top into the scrub from the left of the picture and generally move across the cover to the right. The catching box end of the trap is on the right of the image and the 1ooft entrance on the left, in the image below. The trap is situated in the 'cliff top dell' which is an isolated patch of blackthorn, hawthorn and willow scrub 200m inland of the 400ft cliffs!

Work is continuing with the top rail now added and the catching box, based on the 'double box design' of the Spurn warren trap constructed. This box design allows small birds in to the lower compartment whilst larger birds stay in the upper area.


Mark said...

Is that the spot where the Brown Fly' (or Pied if you were there on the Monday)was?

Mark Thomas said...

Mark, the brown fly dell is next to it, about 200m away in the bempton direction. This is the largest and most established one.