Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How important will 20 seconds prove to be ....

Our famous club is in need of help.....

At 2-1 up with ten minutes to go even Michael, the man who sits infront of us had hope, we knew better, this is Wednesday you are watching afterall.

Saturday was like so many Saturday's before, we played well, were winning with twenty minutes to go and then imploded by defending too deep and inviting the other team to score an equaliser in the dying seconds. Except this time it was personal and serious - personal because the opposition manager was Neil Warnock once of the other Sheffield team (I cant even write their name) and a man with a serious hoodoo over us. Serious because we are in 'SH one T' and could get relegated from this division quite easily. Well to be honest its us, Coventry or Leicester who will be going down with Scunthorpe and Colchester - so watch this space. There is a real irony to all of this though, waiting in the wings are several consortiums of business men who actually want to take over our beloved club, wipe out the 30 million debt and INVEST ! Now a club in the Championship is far more appealing than one which has just get relegated to the 1st Division but we as fans can do little to change the course of history - other than turn up, pay the money, shout ourselves horse and go home more often unhappy ..... until the next match. Its all rather addictive though, the hope that we are going to sort ourselves out and win creeps up on you all week from the lowest low on Mondays through to Saturday at 3pm, when... well, you would put your house on the fact you are going to win !

Hope springs eternal in football, there is always the future.... but on this occasion if we blow it then we might not have a future, its that serious.

Conceding a goal with 20 seconds left on the clock when a victory would have lifted us up 4 places and out of the relegation zone is hard to take.

Its now Tuesday and I am just about able to write about it ..... role on Saturday !

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