Saturday, March 29, 2008

Avocet dawn and crest fallen evening

Broom from 0550hrs - overnight deluge of rain and winds from SSW looked promising for a odd bird or two this morning. Broom was quiet but at least I was out and about when I received a text from Andy Plumb at 7am saying he had just found an Avocet at Elstow Pits. The bird was distant when I arrived and was being hassled by gulls - amazingly the pit it was on didn't have an inch of visible shoreline so the bird spent the entire time bobbing around in the middle !

This evening I found myself at Beachy Head and in the 30 minutes of daylight that I had I discovered a minimum of 4 Firecrests and the site probably held many more as all the four crests that I saw were Firecrests and several others were calling from scattered locations on the headland.

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