Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beds set on fire by Viking invaders !

The Vismig was always going to be good one day very soon and on receiving messages from Steve Blain and Mike Wallen this morning a quick dash to the Sandy Pinnacle was in order. I joined Steve and Colin Campbell who had already smashed 21,000 Redwings west ! Due to being on holiday I took over recording as Steve left for work. After another frantic ponecall I was joined by Matt Burgess, between 0925hrs and 1125hrs we had a further 7431 Redwings west. Further highlight was provided by 5 Ring Ouzels west in a forty minute period after 1012hrs - a pair and three singles, these being the first Ouzels seen on vismig in Bedfordshire.

The mornings total of 28,982 Redwing is amazing regardless of location, but here, it rewrites ornithology in Bedfordshire !

An account here from Steve Blain - http://steveblain.blogspot.com/2009/10/big-kahuna.html


Phil Benstead said...

great spotting mark

mjgbirder said...

Sounds like an excellent morning, very well done on getting the Ousel photos! Martin G.

Dave Barker said...

Great snaps and a GREAT count Mark etal.

Here's to the next one!