Monday, October 12, 2009

Radde's Pitta

Although nationally several had turned up on October 10th I bet none were as difficult as this individual in Booted Gully on Flamborough Head. Most observers simply gave and didnt see it, but for those who had either the patience or nothing better to do last thing on a Sunday evening it showed well if pitta watching tactics were applied! I saw it for all of 6 seconds through a jungle of bramble at 5ft range. The fact I have any pictures is a miracle but should help with a description!
For those wondering... Booted gulley is a misnomer, it has never had any accepted connection with Booted Warbler to my knowledge and some may even prefer to call it by its map name of Sandholes ! A bit like my Bluethroat net ride at Buckton... one day !

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