Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Utklippan ! (55º57’N 15º42’E)

Just heard back from Lina Jansson of the Swedish Bird Ringing Centre, the Robin that I caught at Buckton last week had been ringed on the Baltic island of Utklippan in April 2010. Utklippan is a tiny island with a ringing station off the SE Swedish coast in the provence of Blekinge. Recoveries like this are what its all about, a tiny insight in to the life history of an individual bird. Can't wait for the results of the two birds from Norway !


Katie said...

That's fab! Utklippan sounds like an Ikea sofa :o)

Craig Round said...

And Looks pretty 'flat pack' too!
Great recovery Mark and a real insight into the journey these migrants are making. Presumably the Robin was recovered there on its way back to breed somewhere in Scandi this spring.