Thursday, October 17, 2013

'In amongst em'

Northern Treecreeper - amazingly frosty bird
Northern Treecreeper rear view

Firecrest a jewel in the Cliff Top Dell
Black Redstart - a very pale individual

Red-breasted Flycatcher - rattling away like a machine gun !

Radde's Warbler - 1st winter female, new patch bird
This skulky 'acro' gave me the chase for an hour or two 
Nearly !
Red-breasted Flycatcher


Pallas's Warbler at Buckton Hall, 3rd patch record, first since 2003
Had a brilliant few days on the coast, birds arriving all the time, numbers and quality !


Mark Grantham said...

That Black Red is nuts! You must have had a fit until you saw the tail...

Simmo said...

Nice one Mark, birding at its' best !!