Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mind the gap!

Short-eared Owl back to winter at Buckton
Rarest patch birds of the weekend - 7 Goosander SE over Buckton
Pallas's Warbler - excellent find by Nick Carter at Hunmanby Gap
Little Bunting found by Brett in the rough at Millenium Wood at Flamborough
It was very much after the Lord Mayor's show at Buckton, very few new birds and it says something when the patch highlight is provided by a duck, well ok a sawbill and seven of them! The bird of the weekend was easily the Pallas's Warbler found at the gap by Nick Carter, cavorting with an 'all-so' ran Yellow-browed Warbler in a small sycamore tree in the corner of a random field, mind the gap !

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