Friday, November 12, 2010

A ton of laps

Apologies for the really naff images, just trying to illustrate that the Buckton Lapland Bunting flock has now reached 100 individuals. These birds are frequenting an area of weedy rough grassland on the cliff top, 300m east of the trig point. I am going to try to attract them to feed over the next few weeks in an attempt to catch and ring them, any advice anyone?


Jack Ashton-Booth said...

Hi Mark
If you haven't already you may want to try spiral trapping them. It worked wonders on Fair Isle this autumn once we had attracted the birds down to seed.I know it was on Fair Isle and arable set-aside is somewhat thin on the ground up there but there can't be any harm in trying.
Good Luck and All the Best

Stewart said...

A few years ago a few were clap netted here in Northumberland. Its just a case of clearing a net sized square and feeding it up for a little while then waiting...